1852 journal entries of the attack

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1852 journal entries of the attack

Kansas Delaware [Needs revision. Her mother was Aquamdegaockwe or Aupahmundaqua, English name Nancy. Talaockwe married Rezin Wilcoxen, a white man from Virginia. Rezin was married earlier to Sabilla Caleb, whom see in the Biographies. Talaockwe went to the Shawnee Mission School at the age of ten and lived with her teachers, Reverend and Mrs.

She took the name Melinda Statler as her own. Lucinda married James L. They resided in Wyandotte, County as farmers. I was born a few miles south of White Church, some time in I never knew the month or the day.

My father was killed during a hunt two months before my birth. When I was about ten years old the government agents started me in a school near where Stony Point now is. Father Stateler was the teacher, but I did not learn much English.

The Delawares were very much opposed to intermarrying with the whites, but my aunt and two of my cousins [considered to be Wilaquenaho and Anna and Rosanna Marshall.

The chief of the tribe, Captain Ketchum, was a brother of my grandmother, Eche-lango-na-ockwe.

1852 journal entries of the attack

I was happy with my white husband until a year or two after we were married, when the government moved the Delawares to the Indian Territory. All of my friends and loved ones went away then, and I was sad and cried many days.

I wanted to go too, but I had to stay with my husband. Finally, however, I became contented and my husband used to send me on frequent visits to my people in the territory.

We owned a farm near Secondine, but when the survey of lands of the Wyandot Indians was made, init was found that we were on their land, and we moved north and settled in our present home in We had five children.

My husband died inand now all of my children are married, or dead, and I am left alone. Perl Morgan continued by saying: Wilcoxen spoke English fluently, she constantly deplored the fact that no one is left who speaks her language.

For almost all of their lives Mrs. The Sunday school children used to stand around in interested groups and listen to them converse in their beautiful Delaware tongue. But after Kate was gone Mrs.

She used to go too into Kansas City, Kansas, to the home of Mrs. William Honeywell, a widow living at Hallock street, and talk with her in the Delaware tongue.

Honeywell became deaf and could no longer converse. This and other interesting articles concerning the Lenape-Delaware in Kansas article can be found at: Melinda Wilcoxen, the last full-blood Delaware Iner Grandfather, known as Captain James Ketchum, was not only the head chief of the Delawares, but was a missionary among his people.

His wife, "EcheLangoNaOckwe" was the daughter of a chief. Her father was killed while hunting two months before Mrs.

In she became married.Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt (?), naturalist and explorer, was born on 23 October at Trebatsch, Prussia, the fourth son and sixth of the eight children of Christian Hieronymus Matthias Leichhardt, farmer and royal inspector of peat, and his wife Charlotte Sophie, née Strählow.

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Home Page 6 May BIOGRAPHIES N - T. Nahkomi, Nahkoomer, Nakomin, Nakkomin, Nakoomer, Nahquenon, Natcoming, Neachcoming, Neacoming, Nicoman. He is probably also the same person as Neconhcon/Necohecond/ Nequonhequon.

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A Signer of the 26 October treaty between the United States and the Delaware and Shawnee at Castor Hill, St. Louis County, Missouri as a chief, under . Journal Entries. Worst Day Ever (Octubre 31, ) First Attack (Diciembre 5, ) I Become the Leader (Septiembre ) Reyes is Hanged (Noviembre 14, ) Found (Julio 25, ) Translations.

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September 11th.–The wind shifted and veered about, towards the close of yesterday, and later it was almost calm, after blowing gently from the northwest,–notwithstanding which it rained.

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