Approaches to literature

Anyone wishing to offer a 20 min paper at the conference should submit an abstract max words and a brief biographical note max words by 15 September to HospitableText calvin. Participants will be notified of their acceptance by 15 October While we anticipate that most of the abstracts we receive will be for individual papers, we also welcome proposals for three-paper panels.

Approaches to literature

The Woman Warrior Rivkin. The Jungle This graduate seminar explores major critical approaches to literature with particular attention to theoretical movements of the last hundred years. Our theory will be grouped around four important contemporary creative works: Our texts are grouped as follows: Marxist Theory Your Responsibilities include blog, discussion group presentation, midterm paper, and final paper: BLOG During the first week of class, create a blog devoted to literary theory.

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Approaches to literature

All of your work, however, must meet high academic standards including a formal tone. But feel free to be creative; experiment with new media. When you create your blog, be sure to do the following: Email me your blog address 2.

Include your preferred email address on your blog 3. Title your blog 4. Weekly reflections - words e. Exchange email addresses with your groupmates and try to meet or correspond outside class there should be opportunities to workshop presentations during class.

When it is your group's turn to lead a discussion not lecturebe sure to do the following: Design a classroom activity 2. Consider alternative media choices e.

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Include a word reflection on your blog where you state in explicit terms how you contributed to your group's presentation MIDTERM PAPER This five-page essay assignment words asks that you further craft any of the theoretical work done up to midterm.

Your essay is argumentative in nature and requires that you put forth a thesis, a claim that could take your reader beyond the primary text at hand e. Here, then, are your requirements: Paper version for class review 4. Blog version FINAL PAPER Your final, ten-page paper words asks that you apply any of the theory discussed during the semester to another major work of fiction, in this instance, a novel, play, or film.

You will want to reference the theoretical work already done for the semester, including the analyses of our primary texts. With this essay assignment, I am most interested to see how you weave in our previous theoretical work with an analysis of a text of your choosing.

The best essays will consider the larger implications of a particular theoretical analysis and present a substantial body of secondary sources. Your requirements are the following: Your assignments will receive comments, suggestions, and a grade range, e.

Your final grade will come at the semester's end, once your work is assessed in its entirety. Please feel free to come by my office, email, or phone me if you have concerns at any time during the semester. Please do not come late to class since repeated late arrivals will count as a full absence.

You cannot pass this course if you miss more than two classes, miss an assignment, or plagiarize. Like other institutions, CSUN maintains a strict academic honesty policy. Plagiarism is illegal and dishonest. All cases of academic dishonesty must be reported to the Dean, who may suspend or permanently dismiss you from CSUN.

You will receive a course grade of F if you plagiarize in our class. Syllabus Please note that all course requirements and policies are subject to change. Not all class readings are included below.

Work is due on the date that is appears.JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. 9 Critical Approaches to Literature I. What is literature criticism? a description and evaluation of its object: literature (literary writings, writers, literary classes, etc.) Literary criticism is not an abstract, intellectual exercise; it is a natural human response to literature.

If a. Critical Approaches to Children's Literature includes monographs from both internationally recognised and emerging scholars.

It demonstrates how new voices, new combinations of theories, and new shifts in the scholarship of literary and cultural studies illuminate the study of children's texts.

English Critical Approaches to Literature English Critical Approaches to Literature introduces you to theoretical concepts and interpretive methods that you will encounter in your study of literature.

In addition to essays in the disciplines of critical . Journal description. Pedagogy seeks to create a new discourse surrounding teaching in English studies by fusing theoretical approaches and practical realities. Salem Press’ Critical Approaches to Literature series is designed to provide students and researchers with fresh insight into the various critical approaches to literary criticism.

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