Case great rebate runaround

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Case great rebate runaround

Greg April 20,1: The lack of properly efficient used hatchbacks in and those GM employee pricing things led me to a new Vibe. They only let you finance them. I can pay cash! So I used it to pay off a house line of credit at the time, and set an auto-transfer back from that same line of credit to pay it back after 51 weeks.

Reply Anita April 25,9: My car is close to 11 years old and has about miles. Do I repair it or get another newer car? Reply MMM April 25, In your particular case, the car still sounds pretty new, especially when measured by mileage.

When I was shopping for Case great rebate runaround cars earlier this year, I found many people had racked up 95, miles on cars fromand some of the s had mileage over ,! So if your car is a somewhat reliable model, it is quite likely you might only be halfway through its life. My general rule is that you should value used car drivable mileage at about 10 cents per mile.

After that, the maintenance amount per mile might rise even more, and you might want to buy a newer used car with about k miles to get back into that low-cost-per-mile sweet spot. Joe Average March 6,3: I drove the first K miles for less than half that. Reply D May 29, I have made every mistake in the book due to financial stupidity immigrant from Eastern Europe where there is no such thing called credit but now I am out of debt, living frugally and saving 50 percent of my pay at least each month.

Now, here is my question. Jetta has about 65, miles on it and being TDI, it will last at least another k miles without much maintenance which is about 6 years of driving with insane fuel economy.

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Reply MMM May 30, The Jetta is only 20, less, and neither one is considered a specially reliable car. It would be different if you were going from a GM car to a Toyota, but the two you are comparing are both moderate in reliability.

Case great rebate runaround

I know there are emotional benefits to driving a nice stylish Volkswagen instead a non-stylish Pontiac, but just make sure you know it would be a very expensive upgrade! Much better to just keep your old one and try to drive as little as possible outside of work while you build up some more money.

I should have clarified that I am in Canada, so prices are bit higher, taxes are lot higher and diesel is cheaper some days. BTW, from my own experience in driving both Sunfire and Jetta, actual gas mileage is about double. I drove both cars for extended periods and I get kilometers on a tank in Sunfire 10 talons, and always over on Jetta with the same amount of gas.

I reset my trip counter at every fill-up and do the math. I even drove both cars on different occasions from Detroit to Minneapolis once and it tool two tanks in Sunfire and just one in Jetta.

Both cars are stick shift so maybe that is why data is different from yours? You are inspiration to many, myself included.

You were lucky to be smart from the start. I am now amazed that banks and credit card companies can hypnotize so many people to become financial slaves — working months each year to pay interest to banks.

Reply jDeppen June 3,1: We bought a Taurus 2.

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I will be taking about 4 trips to KY each year about 1, miles round trip. This is a pretty common car and repairs seem to be inexpensive especially compared to the Lincoln.

Case great rebate runaround

MMM June 8, The Ford Taurus is a good quality car, although a rather gigantic one. I had one as a rental car once — it seems to be designed to comfortably take five unusually large people, plus their luggage, on cross-country road trips.The great rebate runaround case why do you suppose that Best Buy, rather than one of Best Buy’s big suppliers such as Sony or Panasonic, is considering eliminating rebates? A+ TUTOR Posted Sold Bought 2. Solution preview: Attachments. Great Rebate Great Rebate Round * Why do you suppose that Best Buy.

View Homework Help - The Great Rebate Runaround_Case 3 from PROC at Webster University. December PROC. The Great Rebate Runaround This can be viewed as an example of customized pricing. This page is a complete guide to the complicated and sometimes confusing process of installing solar panels on your Florida home.

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The previous one-price-fits-all concept is quickly becoming a topic of the past specifically in the current tense given that many rebates . Buying a used car will save you bundles of cash if done properly, follow these tips to beat the used car salesman at his own game.

The Great Rebate Runaround Case