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A comprehensive IES energy simulation study will be conducted to accurately determine the heat loads for each apartment. Some of the design features will include: The proposed development at Doyle Road Waterford is on a an existing residential site and will comprise 4 No types of residential townhouses. Ethos were commissioned to design Mechanical and Electrical services to each residential unit.

Engineering projects

Design services included drainage analysis, technical memorandum, preliminary and final design plans, specifications, estimates, and temporary construction easements. PTS began design work February ofbid in Julyand construction was completed in September Design was completed on schedule, and the construction was completed under budget.

The project will add curb and gutter and pedestrian facilities on both sides of the street where none previously existed. The project also includes piped storm drain, landscaping, street Engineering projects and the relocation of water, natural gas, electric, telephone and cable utilities.

Significant changes to the road grades will required the installation of several retaining walls. The project is funded by a combination of State grants and Municipal bonds. Improvements include curb and gutter, pedestrian facilities on both sides of the street, piped storm drain, landscaping and street lighting.

The redesign of the roadway prism, installation of curb and gutter and a new subdrain system improved the structural integrity of the roadway, and eliminated drainage issues. The addition of pedestrian facilities, street lighting and traffic calming resulted in a safer road for all travelers.

This project also provided a designated parking area for the Chugach Foothills Park and eliminated some drainage issues within the park. E 32nd Avenue Upgrade Municipality of Anchorage PTS provided civil engineering and design services for this east Anchorage project which upgraded 32nd Avenue between Muldoon Road and Brookridge Drive from a strip paved local road to an urban collector street.

The redesign of the roadway prism, addition of curb and gutter and installation of a new subdrain system improved the structural integrity of the roadway and eliminated drainage issues. This project was expanded to include rehabilitation of portions of the Cherry Street and Brookridge Drive storm drain systems.

Raspberry Road Rehabilitation Municipality of Anchorage PTS provided civil engineering, design and construction inspection services for this new east-west arterial connection from Minnesota Drive to Arctic Boulevard.

In addition, the existing road segment from Arctic to C Street was upgraded to meet arterial standards. Subdrains, pedestrian facilities, lighting, and signal upgrades were included in this project. Averaging over 8, vehicles daily, the design of this one mile stretch of roadway provides for existing and future intermodal traffic volumes.

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Below grade, the roadway prism was redesigned, and subdrains were installed along with three storm water treatment structures to minimize pollutants draining into Campbell Lake.

Above, the integration of traffic calming measures, multi-use pathways and illumination created a safer road for all travelers. Eagle Crossing Subdivision Private Land Development PTS provided comprehensive development planning, civil design and construction management for much of this multi-phased residential development in Eagle River, Alaska.

Tasks included planning, platting, survey, geotechnical consulting, civil design of streets, drainage systems and water and sewer facilities, permitting, construction management and inspection.

The subdivision was platted to accommodate more than home sites. Government Hill Bluff Sewer Upgrade Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility PTS provided civil engineering, design and construction inspection services to upgrade and relocate an existing sewer system through the use of traditional open-cut trench excavation combined with horizontal directional drilling.

The project included extensive public involvement to keep residents informed of the design and construction effort and to facilitate relocation of the on-property connections. The project also included a prescriptive street lighting design, upgrading high pressure sodium fixtures with LED fixtures, reducing the light pollution to surrounding homes.

Local Street Reclamation Projects Municipality of Anchorage PTS has provided civil engineering, design, project management and inspection services for several local street reclamation projects sponsored by the State of Alaska and implemented by the Municipality.

These projects allow for the cost effective repair to selected streets by recycling the existing asphalt surface, grading and installing new asphalt on top. This process extends the life of the roadway and negates the much higher costs and inconveniences associated with full street reconstruction.

Oregon-Wyoming Sewer Upgrade Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility PTS provided civil engineering and design services for the repair of aging sanitary sewer facilities within two alleyways in the Spenard area of Anchorage.

In order to minimize impacts to adjacent properties within the narrow work zone, the design called for Cured In Place Pipe CIPP which is a trenchless technique that does not require the entire sewer line to be excavated. CIPP is a flexible pipe lining system that can be installed from an existing manhole then cured to harden inside the damaged pipe.

The work included demolition of an existing 64, gallon above ground single well water reservoir, and the construction of two pressure reducing valves — one above ground and the other below. Professional and Technical Services, Inc.Aug 28,  · development of rainfall run off relationship for small catchments dakshina kannada district education structure analysis, planing and design investigation on nylo fibre reinforced roofing units.

Sl. No. Tender No. Work: Location: Due Date(mm/dd/yyyy): Corrigendum: 1: NRO/CON// Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Handing- over of Medical equipments (Group-7H) for Government Medical College, Barmer (Rajasthan).

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You will develop templates, tools and presentations to demonstrate your mastery of engineering project management techniques. Preparation for the projects will involve research.

Engineering projects
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