Essay over biofuels

Causes[ edit ] In understanding the effects of over-consumption, it is pertinent to understand what causes the phenomenon. There is a spectrum of goods and services that the world population constantly consume. These range from food and beverage, clothing and footwear, housing, energy, technology, transportation, education, health and personal care, financial services and other utilities.

Essay over biofuels

Shop What are Biofuels? Fuels that have been extracted from plants and crops are known as biofuels. Of these, the most commonly extracted and used one is Bioethanol or simply Ethanol and Biodiesel. It is blended with gasoline and can be used as an alternative fuel for your car. Plant based fuels comes form renewable source, can be grown anywhere and have lower carbon emissions as compared to fossil fuels.

Biofuels not only help a struggling economy by providing jobs but also helps in reducing greenhouse gases up to much extent by emitting less pollution. Biofuels are produced from wheat, corn, soyabeans and sugarcane which can be produced again and again on demand, so they are sustainable.

Though biofuels have many advantages over their counterparts, but there are some other complicating aspects that we need to look at. We should increase our development of alternative fuels, taking advantage of renewable resources, like using corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel.

As of now, biofuels cost the same in the market as gasoline does. However, the overall cost benefit of using them is much higher. They are cleaner fuels, which means they produce fewer emissions on burning. Biofuels are adaptable to current engine designs and perform very well in most conditions.

This keeps the engine running for longer, requires less maintenance and brings down overall pollution check costs. With the increased demand of biofuels, they have a potential of becoming cheaper in future as well.

Essay over biofuels

So, the use of biofuels will be less of a drain on the wallet. Gasoline is refined from crude oil, which happens to be a non-renewable resource.

Although current reservoirs of gas will sustain for many years, they will end sometime in near future. Biofuels are made from many different sources such as manure, waste from crops and plants grown specifically for the fuel.

Most of the fossil fuels will expire and end up in smoke one day. Since most of the sources like manure, corn, switchgrass, soyabeans, waste from crops and plants are renewable and are not likely to run out any time soon, making the use of biofuels efficient in nature.

These crops can be replanted again and again. Fossil fuelswhen burnt, produce large amount of greenhouse gases i. These greenhouse gases trap sunlight and cause planet to warm. The burning of coal and oil increases the temperature and causes global warming. To reduce the impact of greenhouse gasespeople around the world are using biofuels.

Studies suggests that biofuels reduces greenhouse gases up to 65 percent. Not every country has large reserves of crude oil. For them, having to import the oil puts a huge dent in the economy. If more people start shifting towards biofuels, a country can reduce its dependance on fossil fuels.

More jobs will be created with a growing biofuel industry, which will keep our economy secure. Reduce Dependance on Foreign Oil: As prices of crude oil is touching sky high, we need some more alternative energy solutions to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels.I would like to know how to calculate how many billions of seconds will be in Oct My inlaws were married over 1billion seconds March I was able to get away with the over a billion seconds for them, however with my sister-in-law she wants to know the seconds in billions for her birthday.

Biofuel is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database. I’m looking for. I’m looking in However, concerns over the utility of producing and using biofuels have given rise to a debate over whether or not biofuels can provide the solution to the problems associated with fossil fuels.

In. Environmental Issue Paper 07/31/12 Biofuels: The Pros and Cons A hot topic all over the world today is whether or not biofuels should be implemented to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuels are defined as “liquid fuels derived from biological materials; can be made from plants, vegetable oils, forest products, or waste materials. Nov 23,  · Startups news from the, including the latest news, articles, quotes, blog posts, photos, video and more. Introduction to the GSR. Today I want to take a deep look at the global biofuels picture, drawing mainly from the Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) that was released in June by REN21, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century.

I had intended to draw data primarily from the recently released Statistical Review of World Energy , but I believe that the GSR is the most.

The first three stats come from a report by UK-based Centre for Food Policy, Thames Valley University and UK Public Health Association, titled Why health is the key for the future of farming and food, January 24, See page 10, Table 1 for the data.

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