How to live

Living in the moment essentially means being in control of our consciousness. Whenever we are in control of our consciousness we are living in the moment. And when we lose control of our consciousness, we stop living in the moment. Understanding this is huge:

How to live

It took some time for us to learn how to start living a simple life, slow down and find ways to simplify our life. We had to dig deep and figure out what was important to How to live.

How to Live for God, Not Your Feelings

It took changing our mindset on how we wanted to live. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania we had the joy of being surround with a simpler way of life. I can still close my eyes and see the lush green pastures, smell freshly mowed hay and see an endless array of Amish buggies driving by.

Life back then seemed so much simpler. It was a life we dreamed about and one we were determined to have. Your dream may not be to live on a farm, but whatever is inspiring you to slow down take a good look at your life and try to apply some of these basic living simple principles.

Here are a few tips on how to start living a simple life: Make your lifestyle a priority — I knew early on I wanted to live in the country, grow my own food, raise animals and be as self-sufficient as I could be.

I wanted to re-live my childhood by smelling hay and gathering eggs.

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I wanted to see a pantry full of canned food, and my husband wanted to hunt his own land and till his own fields. That was the life we dreamed of. Whatever is inspiring you, determine the lifestyle you want and make it a priority! Slow down and enjoy every task — A big part of living simple is slowing down.

This can be a real challenge for a society that is driven by the fastest, newest, next best thing.

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Whether it is cleaning a chicken coop or building a fencewe try hard to enjoy the task at hand. We live in the moment and not let our minds wander to the list of other chores waiting for us, we find ways to make our work fun. We work hard and laugh often. Know what is important — For us, there was nothing that could hold us back from living our dream.

Figure out what is really important to you and let nothing stand in your way! Connect with nature — There is something so natural about feeling the dirt between your fingers, sand between your toes or the sun on your face.

How to live

One of the first steps to living a simpler life is allowing the wonders of nature to connect with your soul.将视频分享给站外好友,或嵌入到博客、 - England Live Soccer Scores, the First live score site on the Internet, powered by since Live Soccer from all around the World.

Whether you're moving out of your parents or want to shed your roommates and live by yourself, here's a look at how much it costs to live alone.

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Question: "How do I live my life for God?" Answer: God has given us some very clear instructions in His Word as to how we are to live for Him. These include the command to love one another (John ), the call to follow Him at the cost of denying our own desires (Matthew ), the exhortation.

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