Iis webdav write access code execution error

The client browser uses the cached copy of the document instead of downloading the document from the server. Typically, this HTTP status code means that the request contains characters or sequences that are not valid or that the request contradicts the security settings in the Http. For more information about how to resolve this problem, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Iis webdav write access code execution error

IIS provides functionality for creating IIS applications as distinct host processes that are run in their own memory space.

Once you create an IIS application host, then you must define two sets of permissions, the IIS application host process identity and the IIS application host user access rights. You should examine each of these permissions sets when troubleshooting IIS permissions problems. Note The process identity and user access rights are also referred to as the security context of the IIS application host process.

iis webdav write access code execution error

This topic describes how to set process identity and user access rights for an IIS application host process and gives some general guidelines for resolving IIS permissions problems. Configuration of an IIS application host process also varies depending on the version of IIS that is hosting the application.

Right-click an application pool and click View Applications to see the applications associated with the application pool. Right-click an application pool and click Advanced Settings to display the Advanced Settings dialog for the application pool.

Modify the identity for the application pool by clicking the ellipsis … button next to Identity under the Process Model section of the Advanced Settings dialog box. Setting User Access Rights for the IIS Server While process identity governs the security context available to the running IIS application host process, user access permissions govern the security context for the account that is actually accessing the Web page s being served.

Permissions must be set appropriately for both security contexts to avoid permissions errors. Allows users to establish an anonymous connection. The IIS server logs on the user with the specified guest account.

NET Impersonation Allows an application to run in one of two different contexts: Transmits passwords across the network in plaintext, an unencrypted form. Works only with Active Directory accounts, sending a hash value over the network, rather than a plaintext password.

Use of Digest authentication requires that Anonymous authentication is disabled first. Forms Authentication Accommodates authentication for high-traffic sites or applications on public servers.

Forms authentication lets you manage client registration and authentication at the application level, instead of relying on the authentication mechanisms provided by the operating system.

Uses authentication on your Windows domain to authenticate client connections. To set user access rights for a virtual directory in IIS 7. Click to select the virtual directory and click the Features View at the bottom of the Workspace pane to list the configurable features for the virtual directory.

Double-click the Authentication feature in the Workspace pane to list the authentication methods that are enabled for the virtual directory.

Microsoft IIS WebDAV Write Access Code Execution

Click to select the authentication method that you would like to enable or disable and click either Disable or Enable in the Actions pane of the IIS Manager. Note If Enable anonymous access is enabled, IIS will set user access rights as the configured Anonymous user identity before setting user access rights with any other enabled authentication methods.

To configure the Anonymous user identity, right-click the Anonymous Authentication method and click Edit to display the Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials dialog. Check the application log of the IIS Server computer for errors.


Follow the steps in IIS 7. Check the value of the cs-username field associated with the HTTP error. This field contains the name of the authenticated user who accessed the IIS server.

The anonymous user account is represented by a hyphen - in this field. Ensure that this account has permissions on the appropriate resources. Verify that the process identity credentials used by the IIS application host process are set correctly and that the account has the appropriate permissions.

If the account used for the process identity has insufficient permissions then either change the account or grant the account the appropriate permissions. Use the RegMon and FileMon utilities described in Tools and Utilities to Use for Troubleshooting to diagnose file or registry access permissions problems.Apr 17,  · When you try to access content on a server that is running Internet Information Services (IIS) , , or by using the HTTP protocol, IIS returns a .

Resolution: Grant the RunAs identity of the createApp delegation rule Write access to the IIS server's urbanagricultureinitiative.com file.

iis webdav write access code execution error

ERROR_INVALID_CONNECTION_STRING Diagnosis: An invalid database connection string was specified which caused a dbFullSql or dbMySql provider to not run correctly. Have a question about this project?

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This topic describes how to set process identity and user access rights for an IIS application host process and gives some general guidelines for resolving IIS permissions problems..

Setting IIS Application Host Process Identity. Configuration of an IIS application host process can vary depending on the level of functionality being served by the host process.

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