Joss whedon screenwriting advice nurse

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Joss whedon screenwriting advice nurse

Tempest RantsWritingWriting Life There are a ton of great articles examining Joss Whedon in the wake of Age of Ultron and plenty of crunchy debates to dive into because of them.

The writer he most reminds me of is Charlie Kaufman: However, because Kaufman and Whedon are good writers, who understand why stories work, when they sit down to write a story, they feel the obligation to make all of the characters identifiably human, including the women. This is, sadly, so rare that their female characters are often more well-rounded and interesting than almost any other characters out there, including a lot of characters written by people with better sexual politics.

When I read that a light shone down from heaven because YES. And that often results in passable minority characters that might even be considered amazing and revolutionary[ 1 ].

Especially when compared to a sea of characters that are nothing but two dimensional offenses to all good taste. However, it will not always be enough. That situation is a place to start from, not a place to kick back in and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Yet that is what many, many writers do.

Whedon certainly seems to have done. Joss Whedon has failed to evolve as a writer and a director. People who are longtime Buffy fans saw Age of Ultron and complained about how quippy the dialog was.

That quality has always been part and parcel of a Joss Whedon project — it has long been one of his trademarks. When the question was how could people who loved Buffy be surprised by this, I could only venture a guess: We are suddenly, sadly realizing Joss Whedon is a one-trick pony.

joss whedon screenwriting advice nurse

But it does hit a point where it is almost 20 years since the debut of Buffy and you suddenly realize Whedon is just writing the same thing over and over again. Continuously work on becoming a better writer.

Pay attention to evolutions of thought on representation and be aware of the kinds of tropes that most media properties—be they TV, movies, or lit—engage in. Read books and articles on this subject. A Practical Approach is an excellent place to start.

Invisible and Invisible 2 are also excellent resources for delving deeper into representation. Take classes and workshops that address this specific skill. Yes, I teach themand so do others. Both in person and online. If you want to find one, I can help with that! Read fiction by authors who have a reputation for writing amazing, deep characters.

Examine how they do it, absorb it, learn. And that good writing can distract you from some underlying problems. And because the writing is good you want to ignore the underlying problems. Like Whedon, that point arrived when his popularity meant a large body of work to examine.

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