Kennewick man history and legalities essay

Eight archeologists sued for the right to study the skull before it could be reburied. And in Septemberthe high court judges ordered that the skull was to be sent for study. However, a protracted battle took shape again. The political battles were framed mostly by people, which wanted to know about the actual race of Kennewick man.

Kennewick man history and legalities essay

The name "Kennewick" is believed to be a native word meaning "grassy place. In the past, Kennewick has also been known by other names. Ina temporary railroad bridge was constructed by the Northern Pacific Railroad connecting Kennewick and Pasco.

That bridge could not endure the winter ice on the Columbia and was partially swept away in the first winter. A new, more permanent bridge was built in its place in Until this time, rail freight from Minneapolis to Tacoma had to cross the Columbia River via ferry. Once there was a reliable water source, orchards and vineyards were developed all over the Kennewick area.

Strawberries were another successful crop. Inthere was an unsuccessful bid to move the seat of Benton County from Prosser to Kennewick.

Inthe United States opened the Hanford nuclear site roughly nine miles northwest of Kennewick. Many employees of that site then commuted from Kennewick. Known as Kennewick Manthe remains are notable for their age some 9, years.

Ownership of the bones has been a matter of great controversy. After court litigation, a group of researchers were allowed to study the remains and perform various tests and analyses. They published their results in a book in A genetic analysis confirmed that this ancient skeleton was ancestral to Native Americans of the area some observers had contended that the remains were of European origin.

The genetic analysis has notably contributed to knowledge about the peopling of the Americas. Clover Island is visible on the right. Kennewick lies along the Columbia River and the famous Lewis and Clark Trail marked during the exploration of the newly acquired Louisiana Territory, reaching to the Pacific Coast.

Historic Downtown Kennewick, WA. As ofthe historical downtown area is undergoing a rebirth. Historic buildings have been adapted to new uses and the compact, pedestrian-oriented area has attracted a diverse mix of businesses.

These include a specialty gift boutique in a newly restored building, art galleries, wine bars and local breweriesupscale dining, and a full-service hardware center. Through its efforts, the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership is creating new life for the commercial district while working to protect its pioneer heritage and historic buildings.

They both play their home games in the Toyota Centerwhich hosts many other regional events. Every year during the summer, hydroplane racing takes place at the Water Follies event on the Columbia River. Kennewick is the site of the annual Titanium Man International Distance and Plutonium Man Half-Iron Distance triathlonsattracting international contestants and observers.

World Trade Center Memorial Monument: Kennewick is one of a few cities to have acquired an external vertical support column artifact salvaged from the World Trade Center.

The site includes landscaping and benches placed for reflection and contemplation, and a US flag above the steel monument.

Kennewick man history and legalities essay

Clover Island Lighthouse overlooking the Columbia River. Clover Island is a acre recreational destination near downtown Kennewick. It has restaurants, a hotel, and a yacht club, all enhanced by new public access for views of the river.

Taken in January, this photo does not show the spring flower display. Winters can range from cold to mild, with frequent light rainfall. Summers are very dry and hot though low humidity makes the high temperatures tolerable.

Snowfall is light owing to the influence of the Cascade rain shadow, and the city receives less than half the rainfall of Spokane and less than one-eighth as much as Astoria on the Pacific coast.The book ends with the discovery of Kennewick Man (Ainu kin), the Red Power movement and the profitable and controversial casino ownership by tribes like the Pequot.

A smooth, engaged narrative a useful bibliographic essay, make this a book that fills an enormous gap in the popular historical literature, written with a great feel for the many. That is what happened to the Native Americans in the ’s and ’s.

One of the most disrespectful and saddest times in American History was in the ’s with . The next step in this case was to scientifically find who the actual descendants of the Kennewick Man were.

To do this the remains were sent to the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle. Essay Topics. Area & Country Studies Essays (1, ) Art Essays (8, ) Businesss Research Papers (20, ) Kennewick Man History and legalities. The Kennewick Man Trials and TribulationsOn July 28, a human skull was found along the banks of the Columbia Rive (2 pages) 63 0 Apr/ The “Kennewick Man Controversy” has been an issue debated among scientists and the Umatilla tribe.

The debates focused on the question of who should take ownership and immediate possession of a human skull found at the edge of the bank of the Columbia River.

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Controversial Findings. On July 28, a human skull was found along the banks of the Columbia River at Kennewick, Washington. This skull would lead to the discovery of a complete skeleton with characteristics of a Caucasian male.

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