Medevac evacuation

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Medevac evacuation

Department of the Army Share World The first bodies came on the first day of the operation. It was a Saturday, hot and quiet, the wind spinning eddies of sand around Forward Operating Base Joyce in eastern Afghanistan. Out of the Medevac evacuation silence came the crackle of a hand radio.

Going by the manual, it takes more than an hour to prep a Blackhawk helicopter for flight. But both of these birds were airborne within five minutes, the pilots still blinking sleep from their eyes. This mission was meant to be the last dance, a crucial partnership with the Afghan National Army before the Obama administration began unwinding the war.

It broke down almost immediately. At least two other platoons were ambushed at dawn as they moved into the valley. And by midday the medic calls were stacking up like bids at an auction. The most urgent came from Gambir, a village notched into the mountainside, where 40 soldiers dug in against the onslaught.

Now a skinny black private was slowly choking on his own blood, his jaw shot away. But not in the air. Julia Bringloe, one of the few women on the front lines.

They were flying over a region where more than a hundred Americans have died fighting, a many-named series of valleys known among some veterans by only one: Taliban reinforcements streamed in from a network of caves and the homes of sympathetic locals.

There was a patient with shrapnel in his thigh, two patients with gunshot wounds, and then two more with the same.

Neither helicopter landed; instead, Bringloe and the other medic were hoisted down on hooks, and then hoisted back up along with the stricken.

Medevac evacuation

No shots were fired, no enemy engaged. It was almost like a training day. The village came into view all at once. It looks like a war movie, Sabiston thought to himself, like Apocalypse Now. A hot tide of adrenaline rushed through him. Capps, who flew with an American flag wrapped beneath his body armor, thought of his son, just 5 months old.

Bringloe, whose own son was 11, hung IV bags and set up monitors, prepping the cabin for more patients. Their sister ship made the first attempt at the rescue. As the helicopter moved in for a hoist, however, the Taliban opened fire.

A rocket-propelled grenade arced over the tail and into the rock face. It caused catastrophic damage to the hydraulic system.

As another day in the desert turned toward a cloudy and moonless night, the sister ship peeled off for an emergency landing. Bringloe secured the patient, and swung into a tree, trading a divot of flesh out of her shin.Ed W. "Too Tall" Freeman (November 20, – August 20, ) was a United States Army helicopter pilot who received the U.S.

military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the Battle of Ia Drang during the Vietnam the battle, he flew through gunfire numerous times, bringing supplies to a trapped American battalion and flying dozens of wounded soldiers to.

Medevac Mission, Balad Air Base, Iraq, Landing in Hell: Army Medevac Today Medical evacuation during a time of crisis is something the military has perfected over the ages. Many lives can be saved when wounded soldiers are removed from [ ]. ATP , C1 Change 1 Army Techniques Publication No. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 25 October MEDICAL EVACUATION.

Aug 10,  · Medical evacuation, often shortened to medevac or medivac, is the timely and efficient movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to wounded being evacuated from a . AeroCare Medical Transport System is the industry leader in fixed-wing air ambulance transportation. We provide domestic and international air ambulance flights, medical repatriation flights, commercial medical escorts, medevac flights, emergency medical flights, and organ procurement provide safe, comfortable air medical transportation for patients with any medical need.

History and Etymology for medevac. Noun. medical evacuation.

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