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My environment

What effects can the Environment have on Health? This brief account can address only a small part of a vast and expanding subject. The environment in which we live can be considered as having three fundamental sets of components: Physical [energy of one form or another] Chemical [matter i.

Hazards can present themselves to us in various media e. The influence they can exert on our health is very complex and may be modulated by our genetic make up, psychological factors and by our perceptions of the risks that they present.

The following deals with general environmental health hazards, and not extremes of climate, occupational hazards, hazards associated with food, most "accidents" or sexually transmitted disease.

Health effects from economic and social consequences of environmental change are also not considered here. Associations between an exposure and an adverse health effect do not, on their own, prove that the former is the cause of the latter. Many other non-causal associations could explain the findings.

These concerns explain why the language in this context may well be "hedged" even though you might have formed impressions from other sources that some postulated causal associations had been proven. Physical Hazards, and their Adverse Health Effects Although you will have heard or read a great deal about the environmental consequences of global warming, man will probably be affected through famine, or war long before the health of the population as a whole is harmed to a serious degree by the temperature change.

However increasing extremes of temperature, as a result of climatic change, could result in increased mortality even in temperate climates. Important issues concerning physical hazards include those relating to health effects of electromagnetic radiation and ionising radiation. If one excludes the occupational environment, then noise and other physical hazards may present a nuisance to many inhabitants, and impair general well being.

Environmental noise does not usually contribute to deafness but notable exceptions may include noisy discotheques and "personal stereos". Electromagnetic radiation ranges from low frequency,relatively low energy, radiation such as radio and microwaves through to infra red, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays.

These last as well as other forms of radioactivity such as high energy subatomic particles e. Exposure to ultraviolet UV radiation carries a increased risk of skin cancer such as melanoma, and of cataracts which are to an extent exposure related.

Some pollutants such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCs used as refrigerants or in aerosol propellants or in the manufacture of certain plastics can damage the "ozone layer" in the higher atmosphere stratosphere and thus allow more UV light to reach us, and harm us directly.

Ultraviolet light may also cause harm indirectly by contributing to an increase in ozone in the troposphere the air we breathe - see below under chemical hazardsor elsewhere in connection with air quality.

Radioactivity is associated with an exposure dependent risk of some cancers notably leukaemia. Contrary to popular belief however, most radiation to which the average person is exposed is natural in origin, and, of the man made sources, medical diagnosis and treatment is on average the largest source to the individual.

A very important issue is the extent to which radon gas arising from certain rock types beneath dwellings can contribute to cancer risk.

According to some estimates it could result in a few thousand cancer deaths per year in the U. The explanation for leukaemia clusters around nuclear power plants is not yet resolved.

Similar clustering can occur in other parts of the country.

7 Kinds of Environmental Pollution - Sustainable Baby Steps So, what better way to help those unfamiliar with SANHQ than to describe how it helps me with my environment. Starting up the application, you might find something like this:

The effect of viral infections associated with population shifts may be important but requires further study. Non ionising electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields are an increasing focus of attention.Earth's Environment has been a the forefront of many political issues these days.

Humans definitely impact the conditions of their environment. How do we have a positive impact on the environment.? This set of printables looks at that very concept.

My environment

Questions about setting environment variables the PATH are very common here, and in most cases the answers are very similar to each other. In the future it would be nice to have a good Q/A for t.

The name of the virtual environment (in this case, it was my_project) can be anything; omitting the name will place the files in the current directory instead. This creates a copy of Python in whichever directory you ran the command in, placing it in a folder named my_project.

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