Objective of big bazar

Administration[ edit ] Jhargram district has 10 police stations, 8 community development blocks, 8 panchayat samitis, 79 gram panchayats, 2, mouzasinhabited villages, 1 municipality and 1 census town. The single municipality is at Jhargram. The census town is Silda: The only subdivision, Jhargram subdivisionhas its headquarters at Jhargram.

Objective of big bazar

Friends and family told me I had to be insane and that I must have a death wish to want to visit Syria in Everyone knows there is a brutal war raging in the country that is heading into its 7th year now. The people I told about my plans were all saying the chance of entering Syria was around 0 and, if I did manage to enter, I would most likely end up getting killed or kidnapped.

Streets are full of people and Shisha houses are full. To obtain a visa for Syria these days, you will have to get a recommendation from someone with contacts inside the country, fill out some paperwork, wait for around 9 — 10 weeks to get an answer and pray that you will get accepted.

Local families in the street, all souvenir shops are open. With the circumstances these days I would be happy if I could just make it across the border and into Syria at all. When entering the immigration office on the Lebanese side of the border I noticed early on that myself and the 5 other westerners I was traveling with were not the only foreigners crossing the border.

Objective of big bazar

Exiting and get stamped out of Lebanon only took a few minutes. The first thing I noticed when entering the Syrian side of the border is how organized and calm everything was.

People are lined up in queues. To make a long story short, the Immigration on Syrian side took only around 20 Minutes before I was stamped into the country and ready to go. I entered Syria just in time to hear the 7 PM call to prayer from the Mosques in the distance.

When leaving the border to head towards Damascus there are a few military checkpoints to go through. There are no signs of war going on except the few relaxed soldiers sitting on a street corner.

Traditional Resturant in an old home. I wanted to be fully rested and up early to explore the streets of Damascus the next morning.

After waking up early to walk around of the oldest cities in the world, I left my hotel in the old city and you quickly notice the smell of fresh bread. The milkman is on his bike delivering milk around the old narrow streets and the fruit and vegetable stalls are full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Established between 10, to 8, BC, Damascus is credited with being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. When walking around the old city, you start to wonder if there is even a war going on.

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All shops are open and the streets are bustling with life. Even here the soldiers are happy to see tourists.

Shopkeepers are overwhelmed with happiness when they see that tourists are back in town.

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A milk man in the old streets of Damascus You are completely free to travel around Damascus on your own. Between 10 — 30 rockets I could hear a day. Everything here is just like it was before A local art gallery But like beforeso is the Old Town of Damascus the place you to stay to explore.

The only real reason to head into to modern part of Damascus is if you need to do some proper shopping at a western style shopping mall or to visit a supermarket just as well stocked as any supermarket back in Europe or America. Everything is available here. Alcohol shops are everywhere in Syria.

Overall, Damascus is so completely opposite of what the media has been telling us for the last 7 years. So I wonder if the journalists have actually ever been here themselves. Christian churches are located door to door to Mosques. Both are filled with people. You see Christian weddings around the city and Priests walking around in public.

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Objective of big bazar

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