Patriotism in the american education system

Despite the fact that patriotism is commonly associated with positive feelings such as unity, unselfishness, and love, it can be argued that patriotism is an unnatural sentiment that creates bias, and is a major cause of war. Furthermore, efforts to include patriotism in schools at any level are essentially indoctrination, not education.

Patriotism in the american education system

This chapter will serve as a general introduction to the Japanese school education and its historical development. It will conclude with comparisons of the educational systems in Japan and in the United States.

For most of the postwar period, the MOE has controlled school administration, curriculum, pedagogy, and educational content in textbooks.

The MOE oversees the administration of the appointed prefectural and municipal boards of education and superintendents. The MOE determines the educational budget, and subsidizes the prefectural board of education in order to provide equal quality education to all children throughout the nation.

Furthermore, according to a survey, 59 percent of the general public opposed the idea of a five-day school week.

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Respondents were also concerned about diminished educational achievement because the educational content had been reduced by 30 percent AS July 23, In the school year, five public high schools in Tokyo had regular classes on Saturday, and for the school year, 17 public high schools in Tokyo plan to do so AS December 18, In the school year, twenty prefectural administrations allowed public high schools to open supplementary classes on Saturday AS January 12, Primary and secondary schools follow a trimester system, with forty-day summer vacations and two-week winter and spring vacations.

The MOE has recommended that the boards of education should allow more flexible summer vacations. After deregulation permitted some schools to replace the trimester system with a semester system, they introduced an autumn recess between semesters.

In the school year, 9 percent of public elementary schools, 10 percent of public middle schools and 26 percent of public high schools had the semester system AS January 31, Almost all children from ages receive uniform and compulsory public education. There was no grouping of elementary and middle school students according to their ability, because the public and teachers believe such grouping damages low-achieving children.

Patriotism in the american education system

However, in the school year, the MOE implemented a program of special education classes in English, mathematics, and science for advanced elementary and middle school students. This is to be done by adding one more teacher per school for advanced classes.

Almost all year-olds are admitted to academically stratified high schools on the basis of their performance on written examinations. Higher education has become universal education, as Furthermore, every ten years the MOE issues the Course of Study, a guide for curriculum and pedagogy.

The Course of Study stipulates the purpose of education, the content, pedagogy, and the number of course hours for each subject. School districts are drawn on the basis of municipal and prefectural jurisdictional lines.

The municipal boards of education are in charge of elementary and middle schools. Inthe MOE had replaced elected boards of education with appointed boards of education and prefectural superintendents that it had approved. Since then, governors and mayors have appointed the five members of the prefectural and municipal boards of education for four-year tenure with the agreement of the prefectural and municipal assemblies, and the approval of the appointments by the MOE.

The appointed board members choose both the superintendent and the chairperson. The approval of superintendents by the MOE was abolished in Local public educational expenditures in the school year amounted to The budgets were derived from the prefectural administration The expense per student in the school year wasyen per preschooler,yen per elementary school student, 1, yen per middle school student, 9, yen per special school student, and 1, yen per high school student.

Inthe Japanese government started subsidizing private schools and colleges. Subsidies to private colleges were about 30 percent of revenues in the early s, but decreased to The educational expenses for primary and secondary education are very affordable unless the parents choose to send their child to private schools or pay for private tutoring.

Public elementary and middle schools are free, and the tuition for public high schools is relatively inexpensive.

Patriotism in the american education system

However, because of the economic recession, 1,, one out of ten elementary and middle school students received financial aids from the municipal administration to cover expenses for school supplies, lunches and field trips in the school year AS September 4, In contrast, college education is quite expensive.

In the school year, college students spent an average of 2.The debate regarding the education of our children has been going on since the institutionalization of education and will continue as long as we are a liberal democracy full of free thinking citizens.

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Most definitions of patriotism include the concept of love for and loyalty towards one's home nation. Despite the fact that patriotism is commonly associated with positive feelings such as unity, unselfishness, and love, it can be argued that patriotism is an .

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