Red herring mystery writing awards

I was first exposed to her work in middle school through the summer reading assignment of Murder on the Orient Express, which I adored. I then proceeded to tackle pretty much every book by her that I could get my hands on. Photo by Nicolas Alejandro creative commons.

Red herring mystery writing awards

Scientists solve millennia-old mystery about the argonaut octopus By Ed Yong May 18, 7: The females secrete a thin, white, brittle shell called the paper nautilus.


Nestled with their arms tucked inside this beautiful, translucent home, they drift through the open ocean while other octopus species crawl along the sea floor. An argonaut uses its shell to trap air from the surface and dives to a depth where the encased gas perfectly counteracts its own weight, allowing it to bob effortlessly without rising or sinking.

Finn and Norman filmed and photographed live animals in the act of trapping their air bubbles, solving a mystery that has been debated for millennia.

No less a thinker than Aristotle put forward a hypothesis. In BC, he suggested that the female octopus uses its shell as a boat, floating on the ocean surface and using her tentacles as oars and sails.

red herring mystery writing awards

After mating with a male who is around 8 times smaller and times lighterthe female secretes the papery shell using the tips of two large tentacles. She lays her eggs within the structure before snuggling inside herself.

Besides the female, her eggs and her disembodied sperm package, the paper nautiluses often contain pockets of air. Naef viewed these as a problem. According to him, the unintended pockets eventually trap argonauts at the sea surface and cost them their lives.

Others have speculated that the air bubbles were caused by aeration devices in aquariums and are only seen in captive argonauts.

Into this debate came Finn and Norman. Their names may be familiar to regular readers — they have discovered the smash-hit octopus that carries coconut shells as a suit of armourdolphin chefs that can prepare a cuttlefish mealand the awesome mimic octopus.

As with these earlier discoveries, their work on argonauts was based on observations of wild animals.


They rescued three greater argonauts Argonauta argo from nets in the Sea of Japan, released them into Okidomari Harbour and filmed them as they adjusted to their freedom. All of the females were checked before their release to make sure that they had no air already trapped in their shells.

Without this air, they were in danger of sinking and had trouble keeping their shells upright. All three animals fixed this problem in the same way.

Each one used its their funnel to jet to the ocean surface and bob the top of its shell in the overlying air.

The shell has a couple of apertures at the top, which allows the argonaut to gulp in air, sealing it inside with a quick flick of two of its arms. Having sealed away this pocket, it points its funnel upwards, rolling the shell away from the water surface and forcing itself downwards.

At the depth where this compressed bubble cancels out its weight, the argonaut levels off and starts swimming. Naef was clearly wrong. Once the animals dived again, Finn and Norman grabbed them and rotated them through degrees — not a single bubble emerged.

Other cephalopods use a combination of fins, jets of water and, in the case of the actual nautilus, chambered shells. Finn and Norman observed that once they had trapped their air pockets and reached the right depth, they could swim fast enough to outpace a human diver.

By rocking at the surface, the argonaut can also trap a sizeable volume of air, which, in turn, allows it to reach a greater depth before becoming neutrally buoyant.

Finn and Norman think that this may allow these unusual octopuses to avoid the surface layers of the ocean, where they would be vulnerable to birds and other top-level hunters.– AUDIBLE SOUNDS OF CRIME AWARD – eDUNNIT AWARD – LAST LAUGH AWARD – H.R.F.


This is an accidental red herring. A clue might be brought in due to lack of judgement or poor deducing skills on an investigator. They might think something about the crime scene is off when, in fact, it’s nothing at all.

[Creative Writing Prompt – Mystery Month].

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May 18,  · To address some of Tk’s questions: The air above us at sea level is 1atm and is equal to kg/sqcm. In the ocean or other large body of water, this pressure increases every 10m (33ft). The award was originally known as the Crossed Red Herring, but was later renamed to Golden Dagger.

Fiction, non-fiction and short stories are the three categories honored. Currently, the award is named the Duncan Lawrie Dagger and offers a monetary prize of over £20,, the most lucrative of all the mystery writer's awards.

red herring mystery writing awards

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