Shizune route re write a sentence

And most of these deliver. Oh, this game takes characterization to the next level. In "The Sagara Family" characterization was two words per character.

Shizune route re write a sentence

Dorryza Needs a Witty Title Location: United States of America Your name is Hanako Ikezawa, and you currently feel like a complete and utter piece of shit. You're currently lying despondently on your side, on top of your bed, with your horrific burn scars facing down. Long black hair splays out on top of the blankets.

Your eyes are facing towards the closed door of your room, but are clearly unfocused and not perceiving anything. That would take effort and concentration- valuable brainpower which is currently completely taken up by reflecting on the events earlier today.

His teaching apparently done for the period, he promptly takes out a series of papers and starts to grade them. Who will you work with?

Who can you work with? Your gaze settles upon your new friend Hisao. Surely he wouldn't object to- But you're too late. He's already being approached by Shizune and Misha, the deaf and mute Student Council leader and her sign language interpreter- and, the bitter rivals of your best friend, the blind Lilly.

In their usual forceful way, they happily strong armed a confused-looking Hisao into working with them in absolutely no time at all.

shizune route re write a sentence

Should you approach them? You're sure that Hisao would be happy to work with you, but how would Misha or Shizune react? You're sorely tempted to simply sit in a corner and work by yourself, as you have now for years, but you have to at least try to interact more with others.

Hisao, who's been trying so hard to help you, deserves that much, at least. Decision made, you stand up. Unfortunately, you were a little too loud, and you can see students around you glancing at the sudden screeching sound of a metal chair foot on linoleum. You can feel their piercing stares on you- through you- as you slowly make your way to your self-designated group.

You try to ignore all the eyes upon you- more specifically, on your scars. You can almost hear the whispers as those other students wonder at the fact that you're actually approaching another group.

You try to ignore those too. By the time you get to the part of the classroom where Misha, Shizune, and Hisao are obliviously setting up their chairs, you can't help but feel like a deflated balloon. After moving his desk, Hisao looks up and sees you standing behind Misha and Shizune.

There's a brief look of surprise on his face, quickly replaced by a warm smile. The Student Council notices Hisao, and turns around to see you.

Shizune begins signing enthusiastically. Nice job, Hanako, you subconsiously tell yourself. In fact, you're so busy congratulating yourself that you completely forget the conversation going on around you, only to be startled from your reverie when Misha directly mentions you. It's hard to tell- presses on.

I insist on- no, I demand, an answer! Inwardly, you wince with a twinge of guilt for backing Hisao into a social corner, the only route of escape blocked by the forceful personalities of Misha and Shizune.

But the forceful pressure of the Student Council, even without speaking, compels him to continue. He hangs his head down, like a nearly-drowned puppy, expression begging for your forgiveness. The mention of your birthday does bring out a moment of panic.Shizune Hakamichi.

Shizune is a deaf, ambitious girl who is a manipulative, competitive natural born leader. She is the student council president, and along with her best friend and interpreter, Shiina Mikado (known as Misha), she has been working hard for the school with just the two of .

In Shizune's route, Hisao, trying to work out Shizune and Misha's troubled relationship, tells Yuuko that he's worried about two of his friends, one of whom is worried about not seeing the other after graduation, and "It's not Shizune and Misha, by the way".

NARRATOR: "Although it makes me feel kind of uneasy, since we're talking about a human being, the first step is to corner Misha. Though the situation is a little too much like something out of a cop drama for me, it's come to this because talking to her normally is proving to be near impossible."Prev: ← Invasion.

Shizune grabs her notepad and scribbles a quick note, which she drops on my bed. She then takes one last look at me, as if expecting my decision to have changed, and leaves. Alone, the weight of the situation hits me full force. Shizune, oblivious, interrupts and asks them down for Student Council.

Act 4 - To My Other Self Edit After confessing her feelings towards Shizune to Hisao, Misha makes a point to keep distant from the couple. Shizune stared blankly at the next sentence, which again was in Tsunade's writing. "And Shizune had always loved bananas." Naruto glanced out of the window behind the impromptu bar that was Tsunade's desk, and saw the stars were out, and the moon was on its way up.

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