Sinking titanic essays

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Sinking titanic essays

Songs[ edit ] Cover of the sheet music for the popular sentimental song "My Sweetheart Went Down With The Ship", inspired by the Titanic disaster Numerous songs were produced in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. According to the American folklorist D. Wilgus, Titanic inspired "what seems to be the largest number of songs concerning any disaster, perhaps any event Sinking titanic essays American history.

Numerous pieces of sheet music and gramophone records were subsequently produced. In many cases they were not simply mere commercial exploitation of a tragedy though that certainly did exist but were a genuine and deeply felt popular response to an event that evoked many contemporary political, moral, social and religious themes.

They drew a variety of lessons from the disaster, such as the levelling effect of the rich and poor, good and bad dying indiscriminately; the rich getting what they deserved; a lack of regard for God leading to the removal of divine protection; the heroism of the men who died; the role of human pride and hubris in causing the disaster.

Sinking titanic essays

Brian Anderson refers to as "countless forgettable hymns". They were all brave, there were men and women Sinking titanic essays save When the great Titanic went down. There was John Jacob Astor, What a brave man was he When he tried to save all female sex, The young and all, great and small, Then got drowned in the sea.

As one Denver columnist put it, "the disease-bitten [immigrant] child, whose life at best is less than worthless, goes to safety with the rest of the steerage riff-raff, while the handler[s] of great affairs, Bluesman Ernest Stoneman scored one of his biggest hits with his song " The Titanic " inwhich was said to have sold over a million copies and became one of the best-selling songs of the s.

According to Stoneman, he took the lyrics from a poem which he had seen in a newspaper. He "put a tune to it", most likely meaning that he adapted an existing tune with a suitable rhyme and meter. It subsequently emerged that the author of the poem was another country singer, Carson Robisonwriting under the pseudonym "E.

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Eliot are pictured as "fighting in the captain's tower," disregarded by spectators. Dylan would later write and record an entire song about the disaster for his album Tempestinterpolating images from the film within the song's narrative.

British songwriters commemorated the disaster with appeals to religious, chauvinistic and heroic sentiments. And sailors knew how to obey," [29] while "Be British" urged listeners to remember the plight of the survivors and donate to the charitable funds set up to assist them: Popular legend had it that there were no black people aboard.

He was converted into a mythical black stoker aboard Titanic whose exploits were commemorated in " Toasts ", long narrative poems performed in a dramatic and percussive fashion which were a forerunner of modern-day rapping.

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They offer him all manner of rewards, including "all the pussy eyes ever did see", [35] but to no avail; "Shine say, 'One thing about you white folks I couldn't understand: In some versions another black man named Jim joins Shine in the water but is lost when he succumbs to the white people's allures and swims back to his death on the sinking ship.

Shine swims all the way on to New York, outracing a whale or a shark along the way, although in some versions he goes off course and makes landfall in Los Angeles instead: Shine said "Hell yeah.

The unmarried pregnant captain's daughter is a sign that "even white nobility can transgress", as Paul Heyer puts it, and that white skin is not synonymous with purity.

Also present in the Toast is the more general theme of a warning against overconfidence in the white man's technology. Concerts were a major part of the fund-raising effort after the disaster; a super-orchestra of five hundred musicians played to a packed Royal Albert Hall under the direction of Sir Edward Elgar to raise money for the families of the musicians lost when Titanic sank.

Other musical responses sought to evoke the disaster in musical form. Soon after the sinking a "Descriptive Musical Sketch Piano, Chorus and Reciter " was staged, and those wanting to re-enact the disaster at home could listen to the recording of "The Wreck of the Titanic", a "Descriptive Piano Solo, right from the scene where the ship's bell rings for departure to the pathetic 'burial at sea' Perhaps the best-known, as of its premiere inis The Unsinkable Molly Browndramatised and with music and lyrics by Meredith Willsonwho had drawn his inspiration from Gene Fowler 's book The Unsinkable Mrs.

The Broadway musical presents a considerably embellished version of the real Margaret Brown's exploits; it portrays her taking command of a Titanic lifeboat and keeping the survivors in her charge going with bravado and her pistol.Year of event: Age: Event: Historical/Sources: January 0: Born as John Griffith Chaney in San Francisco, son of Astrologer William H.

Chaney and Flora urbanagricultureinitiative.comm Chaney denies fathership and disappears. WhileFlora recuperates from difficulties of childbirth, the infant is suckled by Virginia Prentiss.

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Sinking titanic essays

Response to the question. This candidate's response to this Writing to Describe task is a very competent one that uses a number of descriptive techniques in order to . The Sinking of the Titanic: Who Was at Fault - April 14th, , will go down in history as a day when disaster struck.

It was the day the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg that after a mere four hours, caused it to sink to the bottom of the ocean, taking 1, people with it.

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