Starbucks early 2008

Starbucks reveals new logo, drops wordmark Comments:

Starbucks early 2008

March 29, Getty Images Starbucks is the coffee icon people either love or love to hate. The Seattle company opened its first shop inand all these years later, the coffee giant is still brewing up addictive drinks and venti-sized controversy across the globe.

Here are 10 things you might not have known about Starbucks. At least that was the logic of Starbucks' original founders — two teachers and a writer — who chose to name their fledgling coffee bean business after a minor character in Moby-Dick.

When the first Starbucks opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market init didn't sell coffee drinks, just beans.


The founders wanted to name the place after Captain Ahab's first mate Starbuck. Before that, they considered naming it after Ahab's boat, the Pequod, but changed their mind — according to a Starbucks spokesperson — when a friend tried out the tagline "Have a cup of Pequod.

At close inspection, the Starbucks logo makes no sense. At closer inspection, it makes even less sense, plus you risk dipping your nose in frap foam. Miniature sand worms from Beetlejuice? Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with the cryptic image.

Anti-Semitic groups have claimed that the crowned maiden is the biblical Queen Esther, proving that Starbucks is behind various Zionist plots.

Others see parallels to Illuminati imagery. The real story is less about evil conspiracies than prudish graphic design. Since Starbucks was named after a nautical character, the original Starbucks logo was designed to reflect the seductive imagery of the sea.

An early creative partner dug through old marine archives until he found an image of a siren from a 16th century Nordic woodcut. She was bare-breasted, twin-tailed and simply screamed, "Buy coffee!

Queen Esther at Sea World. She would stop by the same Tacoma, Washington, Starbucks a few times a week for a morning lift and make small talk with barista Sandie Andersen. No one would have called them friends. And no one could have guessed what would happen next.

Starbucks Opening Dates

For 20 years, Ausnes had suffered from polycystic kidney disease, a rare condition that invariably ends in kidney failure. Any lower and she'd have to go on dialysis.

Starbucks early 2008

Much like a barroom regular spilling his soul to the bartender, Ausnes shared her sad tale with the friendly barista Andersen, who went above and beyond the call of customer service. Andersen immediately got a blood test, and when she found out she was a match, told Ausnes that she wanted to donate her kidney.

A few months later, the two women -- barista and casual professional acquaintance -- entered the Virginia Mason Medical Center to swap internal organs. The transplant was a success, leaving the only remaining question: A Starbucks on Every Corner There are over 16, Starbucks locations in more than 50 countries, including Wales, which we're pretty sure isn't a country update:Resuming the CEO title in early , Howard Schultz cut 35, jobs, overhauled the look and feel of Starbucks’ stores, debuted the company’s first-ever shareholders dividend and unveiled an.

UPDATE (5/29/18): Today, Starbucks will be closing all their branches early nationwide to conduct a racial bias training for all its employees. The training comes in response to the incident in Philadelphia in early April.

Starbucks reveals new logo, drops wordmark

Starbucks will close at pm today, so if you’re out . Jul 06,  · Five years ago, Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks wasn't in a good place. In its fiscal annual report, the company showed a 3% contraction in comparable store sales, a bitter piece of.

Jun 04,  · Howard Schultz, the outspoken executive chairman of Starbucks, is stepping down from the coffee chain later this month—and his next move could be a big one.

Starbucks early 2008

"I want to be truthful with you. AP On January 8, , the second day Howard Schultz was the newly-reinstated CEO of Starbucks Corp., its stock jumped 8 percent. Howard Schultz, Starbucks' longtime CEO and chairman, is a self-made billionaire with a net worth of $ billion.

He's credited with revolutionizing the coffee industry, but Schultz came from.

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