The marketing mix of electrolux

After strong performance with Criteo display campaigns, Electrolux increased success with Criteo Sponsored Products. Share this Electrolux Challenge Electrolux, a home appliance manufacturer across multiple categories from Kitchen to Laundry, wanted an advertising solution that would allow them to increase visibility for their new products and technologies, to drive awareness and strong sales. Ease of campaign management and optimization were critical given the range of the products in the Electrolux portfolio, which includes cooktops, dryers, dishwashers and ovens.

The marketing mix of electrolux

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Could the refrigerator market be segmented on geographical base planned by Electrolux? What would be the marketing mix for rural market? Would L and L models be an ideal choice to launch in rural market? Possible Solutions Answer 1. The main justification for Electrolux strategy would be Electrolux is amalgamation of 3 companies, Kelvinator, Voltas and Allwyn.

Electrolux wants to cash in on the popularity of the respective brands.


The storage pattern of foods in North India and South India is same. The rural market is small but significant as far as refrigerator is concerned. Moreover, the cost of selling of dealer in the rural market should also be justified. The type of food the rural people consume should also be taken into account; they prefer to have more of natural foods and less of derived food products like Ice-creams, butter, cheese etc.

The cost of the refrigerator should be less attractive to buy. The size and material should be so adjusted that the cost price would be reasonable. The capacity of the refrigerator should be l - l.

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Much more space has to be given for storing vegetables. Other important factor to be taken into consideration is the Power supply which is not so good in rural areas. To avoid the voltage fluctuations in built stabilisers will be the selling features in the rural areas. The chances of selling of l and l refrigerators are high because the prices of the refrigerators would be less.

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This would be a major factor. They would prefer a small refrigerator, also the space in their homes are not very big wherein a small refrigerator would serve their needs.View Maryline Renault’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

team in Small Appliances at Electrolux. As a global marketing director Maryline is a real pleasure to Industry: Consumer Electronics.

The marketing mix of electrolux

Overview This report summarizes the proceedings of the Marketing Science Institute’s con-ference on “Global Branding” held June , , in Milan, Italy.

Electrolux operates worldwide with a target to strengthen its position in core markets and increase sales share in emerging markets. Criteo Sponsored Products allowed Electrolux to target high-intent shoppers across a network of retail sites via targeted product ads.

Sponsored Products ads, which are native product ads seamless to the retail site and shopper journey, use machine learning to deliver the right ad to the right shopper to maximize sales.

The marketing mix is comprised of product attributes, distribution strategy, communication strategy, and pricing strategy. Product Design Essay Sample Product design is an idea generation, concept development, manufacturing, testing and implementation of an object or a service.

A Product designer needs to conceptualize and evaluate different ideas so that a product may achieve its desired target.

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