Three representations of effective peaceful protests

There were a number of tribunals of the Papal Inquisition in various European kingdoms during the Middle Ages. In the Kingdom of Aragon, a tribunal of the Papal Inquisition was established by the statute of Excommunicamus of pope Gregory IX in during the era of the Albigensian heresy. With time, its importance was diluted, and by the middle of the fifteenth century it was almost forgotten although still existing in law. There was never a tribunal of the Papal Inquisition in Castile.

Three representations of effective peaceful protests

As you look out your office window you see people blocking traffic and holding up signs. Now imagine that you are looking out the window and you see people lighting trash cans on fire, fighting, rioting police officers and looting stores.

Now ask yourself,which is more impactful? Which of these two stances would actually get you to try and make peace or negotiate with the protesters?

Violent protests operate under the assumption that one should claim an eye for an eye, like it says in the bible.

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This is the strongest and clearest form of justice. It makes a point. It gets the point across much faster than just sitting around with signs, and banners.

Three representations of effective peaceful protests

It forces the opponent to become aware. It cannot be overlooked or terminated. A recent example of an effective violent protest is the Michael Brown case that took place in Ferguson, MO. Brown, years-old and unarmed, was shot and killed by a police officer.

For days the Ferguson people Chief Thomas Jackson was not going to release the name of the officer that shot Brown, due to the fear of his safety. Violent protest is much more effective and will get your voice heard so much faster and louder than non violent protest.The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been going on for over a month.

From one side, we hear that the occupiers are a bunch of naive kids who need to change out of their hemp ponchos and take.

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The Yemen Conflict - The main IGO that took part in the Yemen conflict was the Arab League. During the Yemen civil war that took place between and , the Arab League was made up of six member states that included Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan.

In , the anti-globalization movement took on a new dimension with the wide­spread global opposition to the war in Iraq. On February 15, approximately 10 million or more anti-globalization protesters participated in global pre-war protests against war on Iraq. The more consistently one attempts to adhere to an ideology, the more one's sanity becomes a series of unprincipled exceptions.

— graaaaaagh (@graaaaaagh) February 5, Meeting with a large group of effective altruists can be a philosophically disconcerting experience, and my recent meetup with Stanford Effective Altruist Club was no exception.

Three representations of effective peaceful protests

Electoral Management. Electoral management encompasses both the entity responsible for governing elections and the various mechanisms, roles and functions this entity may have.

Other articles where Democratization is discussed: Bhutan: Constitutional framework: country’s transition to a fully democratic government. Over the next year the public was trained in the democratic process through a mock vote, and the country’s first official elections—for seats in the National Council, the upper house of a new bicameral parliament—were held on Dec.


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