Valley of ashes

Fifty feet from the door a dozen headlights illuminated a bizarre and tumultuous scene. The sharp jut of a wall accounted for the detachment of the wheel, which was now getting considerable attention from half a dozen curious chauffeurs.

Valley of ashes

This is anti-American dream. The only dream the inhabitants of the Valley are capable for is to get out of that place as fast as possible. Let us look at the first time Nick and Tom enter the Valley. The first obstacle that prevents them from entering is a river.

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Their car has to wait in the long queue of the identical cars, on the bank that is full of life and color.

The passengers have to observe the ashen landscape for all this time. The shadow realm, separated from the world of living beings by the river Styx. The author deliberately underlines the contrast between the barren wasteland of the Valley and the bright world of Tom and Nick.

Moreover, the very purpose of the Valley is incomprehensible for Tom and Nick. The bitter irony is that they are businessmen and the products that the barges transport are their direct income depends on the ships that annoy them so much.

Neither of them thinks about it, they are unable to admire and enjoy their own money parading in front of them. Another prominent aspect of the Valley of Ashes and, possibly, the only bright spark in it, is the giant advertisement board of the optometry with the disembodied blue eyes looking down to all the Valley.

The board is miraculously not covered by ash like everything around. This image is very powerfully described by the author and all the readers will definitely remember it.

But why the author placed it here? The literature experts support two major versions: They are too high to reach, almost in Heavens — but if someone climbs as high as Gatsby did they will see that these people are fake, flat and shallow like the advertisement board with a pretty picture on it.

Another version, that is much more popular, that these blue eyes that lack the rest of the body, represent God Himself. To be colorful is a privilege of the riches.

When we see Tom talking to the Wilson, we see this contrast in all its ugly sharpness. Tom is loud and colorful, lively and falsely enjoying the meeting.

He occupies all the space, just staying calmly. Wilson, on the contrary, lacks colors. His voice is as dull as the rest of his appearance. But when we see his wife Myrtle, clearly showing her affection towards Tom, we have a different feeling.

Valley of Ashes (Madeline Dare, #4) by Cornelia Read

Myrtle steps closer to Tom and immediately she looks more lively and colorful. The woman sees the chance to leave the Valley, even through the love affair, and it becomes her driving force.

The second time we see the Valley of Ashes is when Gatsby takes Nick with him.

This time author stresses not the shadowy appearance of the place. It looks perfectly material, but now Valley is just a moral trash bin for the rest of the city. At first time Tom started a very unsetting affair here after threatening the husband of her mistress.

Now we see shocked Nick and Gatsby — who behaved as a perfect gentleman before — showing his darker side. At first he calmly takes gratitude from the policeman who was intended to fine them and explain to Nick that the police here knows him because he has connections and helped them with something illegal, possibly drugs or alcohol.

This is not the only case. Every time the Valley is shown something bad and amoral happens. The last time we see the Valley of Ashes is when we even not present there. In the very final of the story, when Gatsby is in the pool, we see him completely broken.

Gatsby sees as the world surrounding him starts to become monochrome, like ash falling from the sky covers it.

What does the Valley of Ashes symbolize in The Great Gatsby?

· This is a Valley of Ashes—a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery /symbols/the-valley-of-ashes.

But in "Valley of Ashes" this astonishing gift of piercing truth is taken to a whole new level.

Valley of ashes

The story is still excellent, the clever commentary flows, but there is an unflinching honesty here that really packs a wallop/5(46). · A valley of ashes by Emily Esfahani Smith.

June June Books June A valley of ashes by Emily Esfahani Smith A review of The Living Moment: Modernism in a Broken World by Jeffrey Hart. Share. T. S.

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Eliot in , by Lady Ottoline  · The 'valley of ashes' lies between Long Island and New York and the Wilsons live on the edge of this area. It is a desolate industrial wasteland, bounded on one side by "a small foul river The Valley of Ashes is a remote, barren wasteland located between the two Eggs and New York.

Valley of ashes

The Valley is where George. B. Wilson works and lives with his wife, Myrtle. It is also where Myrtle is brutally killed in a hit and run accident towards the end of the novel. The Valley’s bleak and barren nature provides a contrast to the loudness Valley of Ashes is a low income area between West Egg and New York City that consists of a long stretch of desolate land created by the dumping of industrial ashes.

George Wilson owns a run-down auto shop at the edge of the valley of ashes.

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