Writing across the curriculum resources on multicultural art

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Writing across the curriculum resources on multicultural art

Lesson Plans and Activities Bonjour.

writing across the curriculum resources on multicultural art

The site, for students and teachers of French, offers a host of activities and resources. Spanish Activities and Casa de Joanna: French Activities On-and off-line activities for middle and high school Spanish and French classes.

Also included are lesson plans and printable worksheets. Resources with Teaching Activities.

Curriculum and Instruction (CIED) < University of Arkansas

Teaching activities and materials for French, German, Italian and Spanish classes. Cooperative Learning in Modern Languages. Several of the activities are available for languages other than French. Pete Jones and his team of teachers has brought together close to links to Canada, all in French.

The site also features scavenger hunts for students based on ite various Web pages. Lesson plans and online activities for elementary, middle and high school levels. Additional resources are also included. Developed by a collaborative team at Michigan State University, the site provides teachers and students with online units.

Writer's Choice, Grade 6, Writing Across the Curriculum

Each lesson within the unit contains: Teachers will find resources for students who are native speakers as well as for students learning Spanish as a foreign language. Included are lesson plans and activities for use with or without a computer.

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes. Lesson plans for web sites created for German, French, and Spanish classes. The sites were designed to be used as worksheets for the students to complete while accessing the corresponding reference web sites online.

Latinteach Classroom Ideas and Projects. Ideas and projects for teaching Latin presented by teachers. Lesson Ideas Para La Clase. Links to more than mini lesson plans based on websites dealing with a number of foreign language topics.

The lesson plans were created by participants from Illinois State University. Teachers from around the world are urged to contribute plans of their own. Features virtual picturebooks in English, French and Spanish with lesson plans. The site also contains games and realia as well as links to additional resources.

Teacher Jennifer McConnell offers teacher resources including lesson plans, student activities, a parent connection, and a message board. Planning a Day in Paris. Amanda Lafleur and Sandy Labry have prepared this online lesson plan for French classes using the internet.

The plan is appropriate for French II in grades This site contains links to nearly mini lesson plans based on websites dealing with a number of foreign language topics.

Most of the lesson plans were created by the nearly fifty participants from throughout the U. Gary Aitken has recently developed an electronic workbook, designed to accompany Arriba!

The workbook, which can be used with other introductory texts, provides a game-like environment containing somefull-colour drawings which invite students to participate in interactive language activities.

Taller hispano, por Jean W. LeLoup, es un lugar donde puedes explorar todo un mundo hispanohablante que existe en paralelo al tuyo. Select Lesson Ideas to find lesson plans suitable for elementary, middle school and high school students of Spanish.

Toque el nombre del alumno para leer su adivinanza. Laura Dominguez-Yon, teacher at Cupertino High, Sunnyvale, California taught her Spanish language students html in the target language and then required them to post their assignment on the Web.

Check her site to view the results.NEA has established this page to help educators integrate multicultural and diversity education into the K - 12 classroom experience.

The following resources consist of NEA Web pages with information about multicultural and diversity education, books for multicultural educators, and web sites containing multicultural education curriculum.

Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum. Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum. Resource links for Cultural Issues in Advising.

writing across the curriculum resources on multicultural art

Multicultural Awareness Issues for Academic Advisors (2nd Edition) Authored By: Leigh Cunningham NOTE: The first edition of this article was published simultaneously in the February edition of Academic Advising Today and the Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources..

Multicultural awareness is an essential helping skill; as humans. The Creative Writing major curriculum consists of 44 required semester hours in the themes of Language and Writing, Creative Writing Core, Living Traditions, . Curriculum resources for vocabulary development, spelling, and structure of language/grammar include: Wordly Wise Level 9, The Word Within the Word and The Magic Lens (Michael Clay Thompson), Write Source and other supplemental resources.

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